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Horta Marina, Azores

38˚ 31.9' N 28˚ 37.5' W

Algarve - Portugal West Coast - Portugal Madeira - Azores -

Horta Marina


Cais de Santa Cruz


Armando Castro
351 292 391 693

Bars/Cafe/Restaurants : Quayside
Berths : 300
BoatYard : Yes
Fuel : Fuel berth
Nautical Club : Yes
Showers/Laundrette : Yes/Yes
Travel lift : 20 Tonne
TV Internet : Wi-Fi
VHF : Chn 16 and 10

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Azores Weather

Tuesday: grey cloud, Max Temp: 17°C (63°F), Min Temp: 15°C (59°F)

Max Temp: 17°C (63°F), Min Temp: 15°C (59°F), Wind Direction: W, Wind Speed: 18mph, Visibility: good, Pressure: 1027mb, Humidity: 95%, Sunrise: 08:04AZOT, Sunset: 18:02AZOT

Wednesday: white cloud, Max Temp: 16°C (61°F), Min Temp: 14°C (57°F)

Max Temp: 16°C (61°F), Min Temp: 14°C (57°F), Wind Direction: NNE, Wind Speed: 9mph, Visibility: good, Pressure: 1032mb, Humidity: 92%, Sunrise: 08:04AZOT, Sunset: 18:03AZOT

Thursday: white cloud, Max Temp: 16°C (61°F), Min Temp: 14°C (57°F)

Max Temp: 16°C (61°F), Min Temp: 14°C (57°F), Wind Direction: SSE, Wind Speed: 12mph, Visibility: good, Pressure: 1034mb, Humidity: 87%, Sunrise: 08:03AZOT, Sunset: 18:04AZOT

Horta Marina, Azores

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Horta Marina, Azores

Horta´s marina is the main harbour of the Azores (and reputedly the fourth most visited marina in the world). Its location offers an excellent shelter against the winds from any direction and makes it an almost compulsory stop for all yachts on route across the Atlantic between northern Europe and the Caribbean. Horta is also the venue to many international regattas, such as Les Sables - Les Azores - Les Sables, Vannes – Les Açores – Vannes, Portsmouth – Horta, Route des Hortensia, ARC Europe and many others.

Horta Marina has held the European Blue Flag since 1987. 
The marina walls haven’t got empty spaces, being filled with paintings made by yachtsmen in order to have good luck on their sea travels and tradition has made Horta’s marina an open air gallery. Horta means also the mythical Peter Café Sport, which is more than a sailor’s bar: it is a post office, an exchange currency spot, a scrimshaw museum and, most of all, open arms and a restful happy time in your journey. The whole town of Horta vibrates with and for the adventurous yachtsmen.

The Entrance

The reception berth is is on the knuckle of the short breakwater in front of the yacht club.


When entering the marina, boats must display the flag of their nationality and the Portuguese flag. These two flags must remain in display, as well as the flag of the Azores islands, immediately below and in the same mast as the flag as the flag of Portugal, during the boat's stay in the marina.

Upon their arrival, boats must come alongside the reception quay. Skippers have to fill the papers pertaining to the their stay in the marina's reception office, afterwards passing through customs, maritime authorities and border services for inspection. In our marina, all these authorities are found in the same building.

Passports of each member of the crew as well as the boat's documentation are needed



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