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The West Coast Of France is bordered by the Bay of Biscay which is a gulf in the Atlantic Ocean and the length of the coast is divided into 4 regions.

Bretagne or Brittany is the northern most of the 4 regions and has a wild and ruugged coast but with many bays and inlets that offer a yacht excellent shelter. there are numerous islands off the coast, the most well known being Ushant. The sea between the islands and the mainland coast is notoriously dangerous in bad weather but also poses problems for slower vessels due to the fast flowing tides. The tides of course also are an important aspect in entering and leaving marinas

The area has strong Celtic connections and although the official language is French Breton is widely spoken.

Pays de Loire literally means "Lands of the Loire River" and is the region south of Bretagne. The coast is a little softer than its neighbour and has many good marinas from which to explore the region and it's rivers.

Poitou Charentes has the shortest coast line of the 4 regions though there is also the shore line along the Gironde River.  The major port is La Rochelle which is a popular saling area with many good large marinas. Futher south on the mouth of the River Gironde is Royan with its large marina. The river offers thechance to venture inland to explore the region.

The coast line is a lot lower than its northern neighbours and is famous for its spectacular white beaches.

Aquitaine is the southern most region and borders northern Spain. The coast line is low  but rising slowly as you travel south. The numerous estuaries offer good shelter but marinas are few and navigating the estuaries must be done with caution as channels constantly shift especially during and after storms.

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